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Learn more about the Singapore largest restaurants listing site.

Learn more about the Singapore largest restaurants listing site.

About us:

SingaporeMenu is founded by 3 passionate and driven individuals who first met one another at work. Bonded by our love for everything about food and a strong desire to build products that can solve needs we see in society, the first product the 3 of us decided to come together to create is Singapore Menu.

Singapore Menu Cares:

The founders of Singapore Menu strongly believe that profit is not the be all and end all. We believe that when companies grow, they have a responsibility to invest in societies as well so that societies grow.

As such, Singapore Menu has developed several initiatives as part of our corporate social responsibility program. Through the Singapore Menu cares initiative, the company has pledged the following:

1. To set aside 10% of our after-tax profits to be channeled to our partner for the year. The company will work with our partner to ensure the best use of the donation.

2. Employees charitable contributions matching. For every SGD$ 1 our employees donate to a charity of their choice, Singapore Menu will match the donation dollar for dollar.


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