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Crave Nasi Lemak Singapore Menu Latest Price 2023

Crave Nasi Lemak in Singapore is a haven for food enthusiasts seeking the authentic flavors of this beloved Malaysian dish. With its diverse menu offerings and commitment to quality, Crave Nasi Lemak is a go-to destination for those craving a satisfying and flavorful meal. Let’s explore Crave Nasi Lemak Singapore Menu and prices for 2023.

Crave Nasi Lemak Singapore Menu 2023

We can categorize the Crave Nasi Lemak Singapore Menu into the following:

  • Delights
  • Special Menu
  • Beverages
  • Side Dishes
Crave Nasi Lemak Singapore Menu

Now we will see the complete detail of Crave Nasi Lemak Singapore Menu here below:

Crave Nasi Lemak Singapore Menu – Delights

Crave Nasi Lemak Singapore Menu Delights
Fish Filet6.20 SGD
Selar Fish6.20 SGD
Chicken Otah Meat Loaf5.90 SGD
Chicken Wing6.60 SGD
Chicken Outlet6.80 SGD
Royale8.60 SGD

Under the “Delights” category, you’ll find a selection of Nasi Lemak sets that are the epitome of flavor and satisfaction. From the classic Signature Nasi Lemak, featuring fragrant coconut rice paired with delectable side dishes, to the tantalizing Power-Up options with additional premium add-ons, each Nasi Lemak set promises a delightful dining experience.

Crave Nasi Lemak Special Menu

Crave Nasi Lemak Special Menu
Stewed Beef Curry9.90 SGD
Curry Chicken8.20 SGD
Tempura Chicken Strips6.50 SGD
Chicken Karaage6.50 SGD

Crave Nasi Lemak takes culinary exploration to new heights with their “Special Menu” offerings. Here, you’ll discover seasonal creations and limited-time delights that showcase innovative twists on traditional favorites. From unique renditions of Nasi Lemak to special side dishes that surprise and delight, the Special Menu is a culinary adventure waiting to be savored.

Crave Nasi Lemak Singapore Beverages Menu

Crave Nasi Lemak Singapore Beverages Menu
Pearly Thai Milk Tea4.00 SGD
Thai Milk Tea3.00 SGD
Iced Calamansi2.50 SGD
Iced Bandung2.50 SGD

To complement your meal, Crave Nasi Lemak offers a range of refreshing beverages. Quench your thirst with their selection of beverages, including traditional favorites like the aromatic Teh Tarik (pulled tea), the refreshing Bandung (rose syrup milk drink), or other thirst-quenching options. These beverages perfectly complement the bold and aromatic flavors of the Nasi Lemak dishes.

Crave Nasi Lemak Menu – Side Dishes

Crave Nasi Lemak Menu Side Dishes
Sambal Chilli0.60 SGD
Ikan Bilis & Peanut0.60 SGD
Coconut Rice1.50 SGD
Sambal Long Beans1.20 SGD
Sambal Ikan Kering1.60 SGD
Sambal Egg1.80 SGD
Fried Egg1.20 SGD
Sellar Fish2.00 SGD
Fish Fillet1.90 SGD
Bergedil1.30 SGD
Chicken Cutlet2.90 SGD
Chicken Oath Meatloaf1.80 SGD
Chicken Wing2.30 SGD

Complete your Nasi Lemak experience with an assortment of tantalizing side dishes. Crave Nasi Lemak offers a variety of options to enhance your meal, such as crispy chicken cutlets, otah (spicy fish cake), or vegetarian rendang. These side dishes add a burst of flavor and texture, elevating your dining experience to new heights.

Discover Affordable Authenticity

Crave Nasi Lemak is not only known for its authentic flavors but also its affordability. With reasonable prices that don’t compromise on quality, Crave ensures that customers can savor the true essence of Nasi Lemak without breaking the bank.


Nasi Lemak is a traditional Malaysian dish featuring fragrant coconut rice served with various accompaniments such as sambal chili paste, fried chicken, fried anchovies, peanuts, and a boiled or fried egg. It is a popular and beloved dish known for its rich flavors.

Yes, Crave Nasi Lemak offers vegetarian options to cater to different dietary preferences. Vegetarian rendang and tempeh sambal are among the delicious vegetarian choices available.

Absolutely! Crave Nasi Lemak allows customization of your Nasi Lemak set. You can choose from a variety of side dishes and add-ons to create a personalized and flavorful meal.

While some items on the menu may be gluten-free, it is essential to inform the staff about your dietary restrictions or allergies. They will assist you in selecting suitable options and informing you about any potential cross-contamination risks.

Yes, Crave Nasi Lemak provides delivery and takeaway services. You can enjoy their delicious Nasi Lemak meals in the comfort of your own home by placing an order for delivery or picking it up directly from their outlet.

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