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Restaurant NameBacha Coffee Singapore
Delivery Hotline+6563631910
Location2 Orchard Turn #01-15/16 ION Orchard Mall, Singapore 238801
Opening HoursSaturday to Friday, 9:30 AM–10 PM
Number of Categories20

Allergen Information For Bacha Coffee Menu Singapore

AllergenPotential SourcesExample Items
GlutenWheat, barley, rye, pasta, bread, beerSandwiches, pasta dishes, beer, pastries
DairyMilk, cheese, butter, yogurt, creamCheese pizza, ice cream, milkshakes, creamy soups
NutsPeanuts, almonds, cashews, walnuts, nut-based productsPeanut butter, almond milk, mixed nuts
ShellfishShrimp, crab, lobster, prawns, seafood dishesShrimp cocktail, crab cakes, seafood paella
SoySoybeans, tofu, soy sauce, soy-based productsTofu stir-fry, soy milk, soy sauce
EggsEgg dishes, baked goods, mayonnaiseOmelets, cakes, quiche, mayonnaise-based salads
FishVarious types of fish, fish sauces, fish oilGrilled salmon, fish tacos, fish oil supplements
Sesame seedsBread, crackers, hummus, tahini, sesame oilSesame bagels, hummus dip, sesame oil dressing
SulfitesWine, dried fruits, processed foods, condimentsWine, dried apricots, packaged salad dressings
MustardMustard seeds, mustard powder, mustard-based saucesMustard spread, honey mustard dressing

Bacha Coffee Singapore Menu 2024

  • Gourmet Sweet Croissants
  • Coffee Cakes
  • Gourmet Sacoury Croissants
  • French Toasts & Sandwiches
  • Poultry
  • Pastries
  • Afternoon Coffee
  • Fresh Fruit Juices
  • Mocktails
  • Wine
  • Gourmet Vienoisseries
  • Free Range Eggs
  • Salads
  • The Vegetable
  • Meat
  • Desserts
  • Mineral waters
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Cocktails(with alcohol)
  • Champagne

Bacha Coffee Menu Gourmet Sweet Croissants

Menu ItemsPrices
Butter Croissant, 2 piecesSGD 8.00
1910 Coffee & Chocolate Croissant, 2 piecesSGD 8.00
Lemon Croissant, 2 piecesSGD.00
Raspberry & Cinnamon Croissant, 2 piecesSGD 8.00
Pistachio Croissant, 2 piecesSGD 8.00
Orange Almond Croissant, 2 piecesSGD 8.00
Bacha Coffee Menu Gourmet Sweet Croissants prices

Bacha Coffee MenuGourmet Vienoisseries

Menu ItemsPrices
Sugar Brioche, 2 piecesSGD 8.00
Traditional Kouglof, almond, 2 slicesSGD 8.00

Bacha Coffee Menu Coffee Cakes

Menu ItemsPrices
Preserved fruit cake, 2 slicesSGD 8.00
Lemon Cake, 2 slicesSGD 8.00
Chocolate, cocoa bean cake, 2 slicesSGD 8.00

Bacha Coffee Menu Free Range Eggs

Menu ItemsPrices
Scrambled eggs with black truffleS$24.00
Eggs Florentine, baby spinach, Mornay sauceS$22.00
Poached eggs, smoked salmon, green lentil saladS$22.00
Bacha Coffee Menu Free Range Eggs prices

Bacha Coffee Menu Gourmet Sacoury Croissants

Menu ItemsPrices
Croissants, Comte cheese, green salad, vinaigretteSGD 18.00
Croissants, truffle mushroom, roquette salad, cherry tomato, vinaigrettteSGD 18.00
Bacha Coffee Menu Gourmet Sacoury Croissants prices

Bacha Coffee Menu Salads

Menu ItemsPrices
French toast sandwich slow-cooked chicken, jalapeno pepperSGD 22.00
French toast sandwich smoked salmonSGD 24.00
French toast sandwichtenderloin steak, caramelised onion, sweet gherkinSGD 26.00
Club sandwich chicken, Cheddar cheese, beef bacon, fried egg, onion raisin confit, gherkinSGD 24.00
Bacha Coffee Menu Salads prices

Bacha Coffee MenuThe Vegetable

Menu ItemsPrices
Vegetable tajine, coriander, parsley, butternut, pumpkin, courgettes, aubergines, baby potatoes, butSGD 26.00

Bacha Coffee Menu Poultry

Menu ItemsPrices
Moroccan chicken pastilla, almond, Rosenheim CoffeeSGD 24.00

Bacha Coffee Menu Meat

Menu ItemsPrices
Our traditional Moroccan Kefta meatballs, gravy, straw potato friesSGD 28.00
US Angus Beef tenderloin, crushed potatoes, sauteed asparagus, French red Bordelaise sauceSGD 30.00


Bacha Coffee Menu Pastries

Menu ItemsPrices
Cheesecake, pandanSGD 9.00
Strawberry pistachio tartSGD 9.00
Tropezienne tart, pastry cream, whipped cream, condensed milk, crumbleSGD 9.00
Lemon tartSGD 9.00
Chocolate puff, Milano Morning CoffeeSGD 9.00
Mille Feuilles, orange, Grand Moka Matari CoffeeSGD 9.00
Bacha Coffee Menu Pastries prices

Bacha Coffee Menu Desserts

Menu ItemsPrices
Molten grand cru chocolate cake, Bantu Secret Coffee ice creamSGD 12.00
Crushed strawberry, rhubarb, olive oil, Tahitian vanilla ice creamSGD 12.00
Tiramisu, Rwanda Superior CoffeeSGD 12.00
Bacha Coffee Menu Desserts prices

Bacha Coffee Menu Afternoon Coffee

Menu ItemsPrices
MokaSGD 36.00
JardinSGD 38.00
PalaisSGD 40.00
Bacha Coffee Menu Afternoon Coffee Prices

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Bacha Coffee Menu Mineral waters

Menu ItemsPrices
Still mineral water 50clSGD 7.00
Sparkling mineral water 50clSGD 7.00

Bacha Coffee Menu Fresh Fruit Juices

Menu ItemsPrices
OrangeSGD 8.00
WatermelonSGD 8.00
Bacha Coffee Menu Fresh Fruit Juices prices

Bacha Coffee Menu Hot Chocolate

Menu ItemsPrices
Traditional “Sahara” hot chocolateSGD 9.00
Bacha Coffee Menu Hot Chocolate Prices

Bacha Coffee Menu Mocktails

Menu ItemsPrices
Chilled milk with Marcala Excellence Coffee ice cubesSGD 11.00
Iced Magdalena Coffee, fresh orange juiceSGD 11.00
Bacha Coffee Menu Mocktails prices

Bacha Coffee Menu Cocktails(with alcohol)

Menu ItemsPrices
Bacha MartiniSGD 18.00
Irish CoffeeSGD 18.00
Bacha CreamSGD 18.00

Bacha Coffee Menu Wine

Menu ItemsPrices
Pencarrow Sauvignon blanc (Glass)SGD 18.00
Pencarrow Sauvignon blanc (Bottle)SGD 18.00
Pencarrow Pinot noir (Glass)SGD 18.00
Pencarrow Pinot noir (Bottle)SGD 85.00

Bacha Coffee Menu Champagne

Menu ItemsPrices
Champagne Ruinart (Bottle)SGD 145.00

IS Bacha Coffee Singapore Menu HALAL?

No, Bacha Coffee is not halal-certified.

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Bacha Coffee Outlet Location Singapore

  • +6563631910

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Career Opportunities Of Bacha Coffee MENU Singapore


Responsible for preparing and serving coffee and other beverages according to Bacha Coffee’s standards. This role may involve interacting with customers, operating coffee-making equipment, and maintaining cleanliness in the coffee preparation area.

Shift Supervisor

A leadership position overseeing daily operations during shifts. Duties may include supervising staff, ensuring quality and consistency in products and service, managing inventory, and handling customer inquiries or issues.

Store Manager

Responsible for the overall management of the Bacha Coffee outlet. This role involves overseeing staff, ensuring customer satisfaction, managing inventory and supplies, implementing marketing strategies, and maintaining a positive work environment.

Sales Associate

Providing excellent customer service, taking orders, processing payments, and assisting customers with inquiries. Sales associates also help maintain cleanliness and organization in the store and may assist with restocking products.

Kitchen Staff

Assisting with food preparation, including sandwiches, pastries, and other menu items. Responsibilities may include ingredient preparation, cooking, baking, and ensuring food safety standards are met.

Marketing Coordinator

Developing and implementing marketing strategies to promote Bacha Coffee’s offerings. This role involves creating social media content, organizing promotional events, collaborating with influencers or partners, and analyzing marketing performance.

About Bacha Coffee Menu

A delightful collection of handmade beverages and luxurious treats can be found on Singapore’s Bacha Coffee menu, inviting guests on a journey of sensation pleasure. Every sip is a celebration of quality and tradition, including perfectly brewed teas and cool beverages to rich and aromatic coffees created with the best beans. Delicious pastries, sandwiches, and light bites that are made with quality ingredients to match the drinks are served. Bacha Coffee in Singapore offers an incredible dining experience in an elegantly sophisticated environment, with a menu designed to meet a wide range of tastes and picky palates.

Best Selling Items On Bacha Coffee Menu Singapore

Signature Coffee Blends: Coffee lovers regularly check out Bacha Coffee’s unique blends, which are professionally specified to provide a rich and delicious experience. These types of coffee continue to be a popular choice for many customers, whether they are speciality blends or classic espressos.

Artisanal Pastries: Bacha Coffee’s customers frequently decide to take delight in freshly baked pastries like croissants, muffins, and danishes. These delicious foods are a popular choice for breakfast or a mid-afternoon snack because they proceed perfectly with a cup of coffee or tea.

Speciality Teas: Bacha Coffee offers a variety of high-quality teas that are obtained worldwide. Speciality teas ranging from aromatic green teas to relaxing herbal blends are popular between tea fans looking for a moment of refreshment and peace.

Gourmet Sandwiches: Another stand out item on Bacha Coffee’s menu are flavorful sandwiches made with premium ingredients. These sandwiches are popular for a filling lunch on-the-go, whether it’s a gourmet panini with handmade fillings or a traditional gammon and cheese sandwich.

Rich Desserts: Delightful treats like cakes, tarts, and cookies attract customers because of their delicious tastes and beautiful presentation. For those who want a little engaging to go with their coffee or tea, these sweet treats are ideal.

What Are Alternatives Of Bacha Coffee Menu

Nearby Bistros: There are a ton of neighborhood bistros in Singapore that offer a wide assortment of espresso mixes, teas, and handmade cakes. The vibrant café culture of Singapore is well-known. Finding close by bistros can offer novel and authentic encounters; certain spots represent considerable authority in imaginative combination cooking or specially prepared espressos.

International Coffee Chains: Singapore is home to a plethora of international coffee chains that offer both localized and well-known favorites. Various beverages and bites are accessible at places like Starbucks, Costa Espresso, and Espresso Bean and Tea Leaf, which are effectively open all around the city.

Specialty Tea Houses: For those who prefer tea to coffee, specialty tea houses offer a unique dining experience. These spots every now and again serve light chomps and treats notwithstanding huge tea menus that incorporate surprising and extraordinary mixes obtained from everywhere the world.

Connoisseur Pastry shops: In Singapore, carefully assembled bread, baked goods, cakes, and treats are among the numerous flavorful newly prepared products accessible at connoisseur pastry shops and patisseries. These spots give exceptional baking and excellent fixings, settling on them an incredible decision for individuals searching for delightful pastries.

Cafés devoted to health: Juice bars and health-focused cafés offer health-conscious customers an alternative to conventional coffee shops. These spots normally offer cold-squeezed juices, natural teas, natural espressos, supplement thick bites made with nutritious fixings.

Specialty Beverage Shops: Specialty beverage shops are unique alternatives to traditional coffee shops that specialize in particular drinks like bubble tea, matcha, and fruit smoothies. To oblige various preferences, these stores typically offer modified choices and in vogue flavors.

Service Options

  • Delivery
  • Takeout
  • Dine-in


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot


  • Coffee

Dining Options

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Counter service
  • Dessert


  • Casual


  • Groups


  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • NFC mobile payments
  • Credit cards


  • Good for kids
  • Kids’ men

Popular Timing Of Bacha Coffee Singapore


Bacha Coffee offers a variety of coffee options, including espresso, cappuccino, latte, and specialty blends sourced from premium beans.

Yes, Bacha Coffee provides non-coffee alternatives such as teas, hot chocolate, and refreshing beverages for those who prefer alternatives to coffee.

Yes, Bacha Coffee offers a selection of gourmet pastries, sandwiches, and light bites to complement their beverage offerings.

Bacha Coffee strives to accommodate dietary restrictions where possible. Please inquire with staff about specific dietary concerns or allergen information.

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