Potayto Potahto Menu Singapore | Updated Prices 2024

Hello Singapore Food Enthusiasts! If you are looking for the latest Potayto Potahto Menu Singapore Prices, then no need to search further. You have arrived at the right place. Here we have uploaded their complete menus with pictures and updated prices. The prices are taken from the official sources of Potayto Potahto Singapore.

Potayto Potahto Menu Singapore

Potayto Potahto Menu updated 2024 

  • Combo Value Meals
  • Ninja Sides
  • Burgers
  • Beverages

Potayto Potahto Combo Value Meals Menu Price 

Potayto-ey Buddy Value Set B
Choice of 2 Potayto snacks and two beverages & enjoy a little mid-day snack with your buddy
13.90 SGD
Potayto-ey Buddy Value Set A
Choice of 3 Potayto snacks & enjoy a little mid-day snack with your buddy
13.90 SGD
Burger Value Meal W Fries And Drink
Your choice of burger, fries & beverage
14.00 SGD
Potayto Potahto Combo Value Meals Menu 

Potayto Potahto price Singapore Burgers Menu

Classic Beef Burger
Our in-house classic beef burger featuring crisp lettuce, fresh tomatoes, onion, mayo, melty cheese & our signature grounded beef patty
12.00 SGD
Chicken Chop Burger with Teriyaki Sauce
Moist, juicy grilled chicken thigh meat topped with sweet & tangy teriyaki sauce sandwiched between 2 buttery buns
12.00 SGD

Potayto Potahto Menu – Ninja Sides

Cheese Fries
Melty and gooey cheese. Perfect for cheese lovers
5.50 SGD
Cheese Sticks
A great side for any occasion. Buttered, crispy & extremely cheesy-licious
4.50 SGD
Curly Fries
The perfect blend of crispy fried potatoes & our in-house mouthwatering seasoning
5.50 SGD
French Fries
Crispy golden outside & fluffy fragrant inside-a side not to be missed
3.75 SGD
Nicely battered chicken nuggets. Crispy & crunchy
3.75 SGD
Onion Rings
The perfect flavor of onion & crunch using our home-made batter
3.75 SGD
Popcorn Chicken
Small bite-size pieces of chicken coated in a crisp crust. Perfect for small eaters on the go
7.00 SGD
Sweet Potato Fries
The perfect balance between sweet & salty. Extremely addictive
5.50 SGD
Truffle Fries
Extra crispy fries with a unique truffle-infused mayo sauce & topped with grated parmesan cheese
6.75 SGD
Potayto Potahto Menu – Ninja Sides

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Potayto Potahto Singapore Menu – Potayto Potahto 

Sprite2.50 SGD
Dasani Water
2.50 SGD
Coke Zero2.50 SGD
Coke2.50 SGD
Chrysanthemum Tea2.50 SGD
Ayataka2.50 SGD

Potayto Potahto Singapore Location & Opening Hours


10 Tampines North Drive 4, JTC Space @ Tampines North

SG 528553.

Phone: 914-579-2526

Opening Hours:  

Monday To Sunday, 11:00 AM To 8:00 PM

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