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Restaurant NamePizza Hut Singapore
Delivery Hotline+6562353535
Location353 Beach Rd, Singapore 199572
Opening HoursSaturday to Friday, 11 am–11 pm
Number of Categories7

Allergen Information For Pizza Hut Menu Singapore

Menu ItemAllergens PresentDescription
Margherita PizzaGluten (wheat), Dairy (cheese)Classic pizza topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, basil.
Pepperoni PizzaGluten (wheat), Dairy (cheese), Soy (in pepperoni)Pizza with pepperoni slices, tomato sauce, and mozzarella cheese.
Hawaiian PizzaGluten (wheat), Dairy (cheese), Sulfites (in pineapple)Pizza topped with ham, pineapple, tomato sauce, and cheese.
Vegetarian PizzaGluten (wheat), Dairy (cheese), Soy (in meat substitutes)Pizza loaded with various veggies, tomato sauce, and cheese.
Chicken Supreme PizzaGluten (wheat), Dairy (cheese), Soy (in chicken toppings)Pizza with chicken, onions, peppers, tomato sauce, and cheese.
Seafood Delight PizzaGluten (wheat), Dairy (cheese), Shellfish (in seafood toppings)Pizza topped with assorted seafood, tomato sauce, and cheese.
BBQ Beef PizzaGluten (wheat), Dairy (cheese), Soy (in BBQ sauce and beef)Pizza with BBQ beef, onions, BBQ sauce, and cheese.
Spicy Chicken WingsGluten (in breading), Soy (in seasoning)Crispy chicken wings seasoned with spicy seasoning.
Caesar SaladDairy (cheese), Eggs (in dressing)Classic Caesar salad with romaine lettuce, croutons, and Parmesan.
Garlic BreadsticksGluten (wheat), Dairy (butter)Oven-baked breadsticks with garlic butter.

Pizza Hut Singapore 2024

  • Appetizers 
  • Cheesy 7
  • Drinks
  • Baked Rice 
  • Classic Pizza 
  • Specialty Pizza 
  • Baked Rice 

Pizza Hut Appetizers Menu Singapore

Chicken Pop With CheeseSGD 6.00
Spicy Chicken Pop With Cheese SauceSGD 6.00
Buffalo WingsSGD 6.00
Chicken NuggetsSGD 5.50
Wingstreet Snack box – 6 Pcs Drumlets And 6 Pcs WingsSGD 16.70
Honey Roasted WingsSGD 12.60
Garlic BreadSGD 4.95
Sweet ‘N’ Spicy DrumletsSGD 12.60
Sweet ‘N’ Spicy DrumletsSGD 9.10
Baked Beef Balls – Creamy Alfredo SauceSGD 10.30
Cinnamon BreadsticksSGD 5.90
Pizza Hut Appetizers Menu Singapore prices

Pizza Hut Set Meals Prices

BFF BoxSGD 17.50
My BoxSGD 8.90
Buy 1 and Get 1 Regular PizzaSGD 48.40
Group BundleSGD 34.80
Family Bundle (5 To 6 pack)SGD 55.70
Celebration bundle (3 To 4 pack)SGD 36.80
Classic Bundle (2 To 3 pack)SGD 31.70
Pizza Hut Set Meals Prices

Pizza Hut Singapore Classic Pizza Menu Prices

Menu ItemPrice
Veggie’s Lover (Regular Pan Crust)SGD 26.40
Veggie’s Lover (Personal Pan Crust)SGD 12.20
Veggie’s Lover (Large Pan Crust)SGD 36.30
Veggie’s Lover (Large Cheesy Stuffed Crust)SGD 48.80
Veggie Lover’s (Regular Cheesy Stuffed Crust)SGD 34.90
Super Supreme (Regular Pan Crust)SGD 26.40
Super Supreme (Regular Cheesy Stuffed Crust)SGD 34.90
Super Supreme (Large Pan Crust)SGD 36.30
Super Supreme (Large Cheesy Stuffed Crust)SGD 48.80
Pepperoni (Regular Cheesy Stuffed Crust)SGD 34.90
Pepperoni (Personal Pan Crust)SGD 12.20
Pepperoni (Regular Pan Crust)SGD 26.40
Pepperoni (Large Pan Crust)SGD 36.30
Pepperoni (Large Cheesy Stuffed Crust)SGD 48.80
Meat Galore (Regular Pan Crust)SGD 26.40
Meat Galore (Regular Cheesy Stuffed Crust)SGD 34.90
Meat Galore (Personal Pan Crust)SGD 12.20
Meat Galore (Personal Pan Crust)SGD 36.30
Meat Galore (Large Cheesy Stuffed Crust)SGD 48.80
Pizza Hut Singapore Classic Pizza Menu Prices

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Pizza Hut Specialty Pizza  Menu Singapore

Menu ItemPrices
Hawaiian (Regular Pan Crust)SGD 26.40
Curry Chicken (Regular Pan Crust)SGD 26.40
Curry Chicken (Regular Cheesy Stuffed Crust)SGD 34.90
Curry Chicken (Personal Pan Crust)SGD 12.20
Chicken Supreme (Personal Pan Crust)SGD 12.20
Chicken Supreme (Large Pan Crust)SGD 36.30
Pizza Hut Specialty Pizza  Menu Singapore prices

Pizza Hut Singapore Cheesy 7 Menu 

Menu ItemPrices
Cheesy 7 ScorpionSGD 43.70
Mango Mousse CakeSGD 6.00
Milo BreadsticksSGD 6.20
Spicy Korean DrumletsSGD 6.50
Cheesy 7 ScorpionSGD 53.40
Cheesy 7 HawaiianSGD 53.40
Cheesy 7 OriginalSGD 40.90
Cheesy 7 Beyond SupremeSmall @34.90 SGD Medium @43.40 SGD Large @53.40 SGD
Cheesy Variety Box (4 To 5 pack)SGD 57.60
Cheesy Box (3 To 4 pack)SGD 39.50

Pizza Hut Singapore Menu – Baked Rice & Pasta

Menu ItemPrices
Creamy Seafood Baked RiceSGD 13.90
Seafood Marinara PastaSGD 12.50
Spicy Chicken PomodoroSGD 15.90
Prawn Aglio OlioSGD 15.90
Chicken PomodoroSGD 15.90

Pizza Hut Singapore Desserts Menu 

Waffle & HoneySGD 6.10
Waffle & Chocolate Hazelnut SauceSGD 6.10
4 Pcs Chocolate Hazelnut TartsSGD 7.90
2 Pcs Chocolate Hazelnut TartsSGD 4.00
Hershey’s Chocolate Chip Cookie (Whole)SGD 10.60
Pizza Hut Singapore Desserts Menu prices

Pizza Hut Singapore Beverages Prices

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar (Bottle)SGD 4.30
Coca-Cola/Sprite (Bottle)SGD 4.30
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar (Can)SGD 3.20
Coca-Cola/Sprite (Can)SGD 3.20
Pizza Hut Singapore Beverages Prices

Nutrition Table For Pizza Hut Singapore Menu

ItemServing SizeCalories (kcal)Total Fat (g)Carbohydrates (g)Protein (g)
Pizza(per slice)
Pepperoni Pizza200-25010-1520-258-12
Hawaiian Pizza180-2208-1220-256-10
Margherita Pizza160-2007-1015-205-8
Pasta(per serving)
Spaghetti Bolognese400-50015-2045-6015-20
Creamy Chicken Alfredo450-55020-2535-5020-25
Garlic Bread(per piece)100-1505-810-152-4
Chicken Wings(per piece)80-1205-81-36-10
Chocolate Lava Cake300-40015-2035-455-8
Ice Cream Scoop100-1505-810-152-4
Soft Drinks (Regular)100-150025-350
Bottled Water0000

IS Pizza Hut Singapore Menu HALAL?

YES. Pizza Hut Singapore is Halal Certified.

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Career Opportunities Of Pizza Hut MENU Singapore

Restaurant Manager

Responsible for overseeing daily operations, managing staff, ensuring customer satisfaction, and achieving sales targets.

Assistant Manager

Assists the restaurant manager in daily operations, staff management, and customer service.

Shift Supervisor

Oversees the operation of the restaurant during specific shifts, ensuring smooth operations and excellent customer service.

Kitchen Staff

Prepares ingredients, cooks pizzas and other menu items, maintains cleanliness and food safety standards in the kitchen.

Service Staff

Takes orders, serves food and drinks, and provides excellent customer service to ensure a positive dining experience.

Delivery Driver

Responsible for delivering orders to customers promptly and safely, often using company-owned vehicles.

Customer Service Representative

Handles inquiries, takes orders over the phone or online, and assists customers with any issues or concerns they may have.

Marketing and Sales

Works on promotional activities, advertising campaigns, and sales strategies to attract customers and increase revenue.

About Pizza Hut Menu

To appeal to every type of palates, Pizza Hut MENU Singapore offers a fantastic variety of pizzas, pastas, sides, and desserts. Pizza Hut MENU Singapore’s huge choice of dishes as well as consistent satisfaction with consumers are indicators of their commitment to employing high-quality ingredients and creative combinations. Pizza Hut MENU Singapore will sate cravings whether you’re in a craving for a house exclusive Hershey’s Chocolate Chip Cookie, a creamy carbonara pasta dish, or a classic sausage pizza. With their accessible locations across the city and successful delivery services, Pizza Hut MENU Singapore is an established option for mouthwatering, freshly made meals for people of all ages and households of all sizes.

Best Selling Items On Pizza Hut Menu Singapore

Following are a few of the most popular items in Singapore from the Pizza Hut menu:

Hawaiian pizza is a classic dish cooked with cheese made from mozzarella, gammon’s and fruit on a hand-tossed base.

Pizza Supreme: Loaded with a tonne of components, featuring olive trees, red bell peppers, onions, spores, and the pepperoni, this pizza provides a flavour burst.

Creamy Alfredo sauce surrounds a delicious pasta dish called Chicken Supreme Pasta that has been garnished with fragments of chicken, mushrooms, and chilli peppers.

Hot & Spicy Chicken Wings: For those who want to like a dash of heat with their meal, these fried chicken wings have been drenched inside .

Ginger bread is a popular snack or appetiser that is made from soft, bouncy bread pieces painted with garlic oil and sprinkled with herbs.Hershey’s Chocolate Chip Cookie: This tasty dessert is a pleasant mushy chocolate chip cookie presented in a pan without an icy scoop of chocolate sorbet on atop.

BBQ Chicken Pizza: thin-crust pizzas with mozzarella cheese, caramelised onions that are garlic pepper topped on tender chicken pieces seasoned in spicy barbecue sauce.

A shrimp lover’s a paradise the Sea Deluxe Pizzeria has an array of fish, squid, and tentacles over a surface of mozzarella and a tomato sauce.

Spicy Chicken Aglio Oliver is a simple but delectable spaghetti dish made with spicy chicken chunks, cloves, chilli fragments, and drizzled with olive oil.

Cheese Lovers’ Pan Pizza: This soft treat is ideal for mozzarella lovers as it has an additional layer of mozzarella cheese that’s fried into the base of the pie.

What Are Alternatives Of Pizza Hut Menu

Plenty of alternatives which offer similar types of food and eating experiences to the Pizza Hut’s Menu. Some the appreciated substitutes are:

Domino’s Pizza: Rapid shipping and secure online ordering are offered and the restaurant is well-known for a wide range of pizzas with adjustable toppings.

Another pizza eateries that provides an array of customized pizzas, such as those with creative flavour combos and fresh ingredients, is Papa John’s.

PizzaExpress: The restaurant serves a wide selection of pizzas, pastas, salads, and desserts, frequently emphasising high-quality supplies and creative methods for preparation.

A quick-service restaurant called Pepperoni specialises in Italian-American fare, which includes the sandwiches, pasta dishes calzones, and pizza.

Known for serving inventive pizzas with uncommon toppings and flavour mixtures, Calif. Pizza Kitchen (CPK) also provides a selection of salads, pastas,Sarpino’s Pizzeria: Providing pasta and calzones as well as other Italian cuisine, along with exquisite pizzas with a large assortment of extras.

Mod Pie is a fast-casual pizza restaurant that patrons can create their own pizza for a set feel and add whatever toppings as they like.

PizzaExpress is a multinational company renowned for its delicious homemade pasta foods, pizzas, salads, and pastries from Italy.

Pizza Capers: With the finest ingredients that are available, they serve a variety of luxury pizzas, pastas, and sides.

New York-style thin-crust food with a wide variety of toppings and flavors are the signature of Gino’s New York State Style Pizza.

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Popular Timing Of Pizza Hut Singapore


Yes, Pizza Hut MENU Singapore offers a variety of vegetarian pizzas and pastas, including options like Veggie Lover’s Pizza and Margherita Pizza.

Yes, Pizza Hut MENU Singapore frequently offers meal deals and promotions, including discounted combo meals, family bundles, and seasonal offers. Customers can check the website or inquire at the store for current deals.

Absolutely! Pizza Hut MENU Singapore allows customers to customize their pizzas with a variety of toppings, including meats, vegetables, and sauces.

Customers can place orders for delivery from Pizza Hut MENU Singapore through their website, mobile app, or by calling the nearest Pizza Hut outlet.