Sufood Menu Singapore PRICES UPDATED APRIL 2024

Discover the revised Sufood menu in Singapore, complete with March 2024 price updates. Savor a gastronomic expedition that honors the fundamentals of vegetarian cooking with every delectably prepared meal.

Sufood offers customers to have a great dining experience that balances flavor, quality, and affordability with dishes ranging from colorful salads to creative pasta masterpieces.

Sufood Menu Singapore PRICES
Restaurant NameSUFOOD Singapore
Delivery Hotline+6563335338
Location252 North Bridge Rd, #02 – 19, Singapore 179103
Opening HoursMonday11:30am–3pm, 5:30pm-10pm to Sunday: 11:30am–10pm
Number of Categories5

Allergen information for SUFOOD Menu Singapore

ItemAllergens Present
Truffle Mushroom SoupDairy
Quinoa SaladNuts (if applicable)
Rosemary FocacciaGluten (Wheat)
Spinach and Cheese RavioliDairy, Gluten (Wheat)
Mushroom RisottoDairy
Summer Veggie PizzaDairy, Gluten (Wheat)
Pumpkin SoupDairy
Truffle Porcini PastaGluten (Wheat)
Green Garden PizzaDairy, Gluten (Wheat)
Chocolate TiramisuDairy

SUFOOD MENU Singapore 2024

  • Bread & Salad
  • Soup
  • Mains
  • Desserts
  • Beverages


Rosemary Bread Stick w/ Mustard DipSGD 5.24
Hawaiian SaladSGD 7.28
Seasonal Fruit SaladSGD 7.28
Wafu Yuzu Potato SaladSGD 7.28
Baked Botton Mushroom With Garlic ButterSGD 7.28
Sufoods salad menu
Sufoods salad menu
Sufoods salad menu


Cream Of Black Truffle Soup With WildSGD 8.35
Burdock-Maca StewSGD 8.35
Pumpkin Corn Soup With Coconut CreamSGD 8.35
Miso-Kombu Soup With Lotus SeedsSGD 8.35
Sufoods soups menu
Sufoods soups menu


5-Grain Rice With Black TruffleSGD 16.91
Baked Shell Pasta With Black TruffleSGD 16.91
Zesty Oyster Mushroom Stone Pot 5-Grain RiceSGD 16.91
Olive Fried Rice With Mix VegetableSGD 16.91
Wild Vegetable Spaghetti With Tomato SauceSGD 16.91
Lion S Mane Mushroom With Baked PotatoSGD 16.91
Olive Fried Rice With Mix VegetableSGD 16.91
Wild Mushroom Spaghetti With Pesto SauceSGD 16.91
Star PizzaSGD 16.91
Calzone PizzaSGD 16.91
Bortobelle Mushroom Pizza With Black TruffleSGD 16.91
Roasted Miso CauliflowerSGD 16.91
Sufoods Main Menu
Sufoods Main Menu
Sufoods Main Menu
Sufoods Main Menu



Maple Osmanthus Flower JellySGD 7.28
Rosy White Fungus With Peach GumSGD 7.28
Snow Bird S Nest BeancurdSGD 7.28
Sufoods desserts menu
Sufoods desserts menu


Water Melon & Tomato Juice IceSGD 5.14
Pear & Yuca Root Juice IceSGD 5.14
Choy Sum & Pineapple Juice IceSGD 5.14
Tropical Fruit Tea IceSGD 5.14
Roselle Yuzu Tea HotSGD 5.14
Hawthorn Chrysanthemum Tea HotSGD 5.14
Sufoods beverages menu

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Nutrition Table For Sufood Menu Singapore

Menu ItemServing SizeCalories (kcal)Protein (g)Carbohydrates (g)Fat (g)Fiber (g)Sodium (mg)
Grilled Chicken1 serving250305102500
Steamed Fish1 serving18025281400
Tofu Stir-Fry1 serving2001510123600
Mixed Vegetable1 serving12051564300
Brown Rice1 serving150430250
Green Salad1 serving8021043200

IS SUFOOD Singapore Menu HALAL?

YES. Sufood Singapore is Halal Certified.

All the information embedded within this response has been gathered from the following source of SUFOOD singapore:

Sufoods Outlet Location Singapore

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About Sufoods MENU

Discover Sufood’s menu in Singapore, a culinary heaven for vegetarians. Every creation, from creative pasta meals to salads, is an expression of culinary creativity. Sufood welcomes guests to experience a pleasant journey of vegetarian delights, focusing bold flavors and fresh ingredients. Sufood guarantees a meal experience that satisfies the body and the soul, regardless of your level of experience as a vegetarian or just your curiosity.

How to Find Job in Sufoods Singapore?

Take into account the following actions to get employment at Sufood in Singapore:

1. Check the job listings: Keep an eye out for any employment postings on Sufood’s official website and on internet job sites. Seek employment opportunities as per your qualifications.

2. Visit the Restaurant: Come in person to Sufood’s location to learn about job openings and give your CV to the management.

3. Socializing: Make connections with people who operate in the retail food  sector, especially those who are aware of Sufood. They might know about positions that are opening up or be able to make referrals.

Sufoods Menu Alternative in Singapore

Sufood competes with a variety of restaurants in Singapore’s thriving food scene that provide comparable vegetarian options. Rivals like Whole Earth Restaurant and Original Sin provide tasty substitutes with an array of plant-based meals. In addition, conscious of their health guests looking for healthy and delicious choices can find vegetarian-friendly menus at restaurants like Pollen and Real Food. Sufood differentiates itself from the competition by offering a unique combination of advanced vegetarian dishes that appeals to selective consumers and those looking for meatless dining experiences.

Best Selling Items in Sufoods menu Singapore

Sufood’s best-selling items are as follows

1.Mushrooms and truffles mix: to create a creamy, rich soup known as truffle mushroom soup.

2.Ravioli with Spinach and Cheese: Soft ravioli stuffed with a tasty blend of spinach and cheese, served with a delicious sauce.

3.Creamy risotto: prepared with a variety of mushrooms, herbs, and Parmesan cheese makes a lovely dish known as mushroom risotto.

4.Chocolate mousse: layers and ladyfingers coated in espresso combines to create a yummy variation on the standard tiramisu dish known as chocolate tiramisu.


Yes Sufood is a vegetarian restaurant with a menu that is entirely vegetarian-friendly. They provide tasty vegetarian meals using fresh ingredients.

Sufood makes an effort to use seasonal and locally produced products whenever possible to ensure freshness and help out local farmers. They source ingredients with a priority on safety and quality.

Offered Services

Dine In


Take Away

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